Sunday, May 29, 2011

Those Summer Time Nights

Night time can be so magical, especially in the summer time.  The nights are a cool break from the day time heat, but not nearly as chilly as they are in the spring, fall, or winter.  One idea, that is a favorite of mine, is to make the night a time to reconnect with the whole family.  The backyard is the perfect place to do this when the weather is nice, as it is in the summer.

Camping in the backyard is just so fun! It is relativity easy to do since the traveling distance is minimal.  This idea is great for the little ones in particular; keeping a close eye on them is simplified a bit.  If a fire-pit is readily available, it makes the experience much more authentic.  A hot dog roast, (made with turkey or chicken dogs are best) and traditional s'mores can be made around the makeshift campfire.  Tents, lanterns, firewood, sleeping bags, bug repellent, sunscreen, etc. should be outside ready to go for a great camping adventure everyone is sure to love.     

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  1. Great ideas, I will have to try this with my family someday