Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Fun In the Setting Sun

As the days grow warmer, the nights do to.  More and more people gather outside to enjoy the nice weather.  Why not celebrate the season and have a backyard get together? This idea is a combination of several of my past posts: I hope I can inspire you to have a movie night in the backyard!  This would be especially great if you have a blissful backyard full of beautiful decoration, to host the movie night in.  Hanging lights would be perfect for this as well.  Make sure there is plenty of comfortable seating, and a stack of blankets wouldn't hurt.   Serving hot dogs, perhaps having a hot dog bar, with all the condiments, and sides would be perfect too.  Invite everyone to bring there own camping gear and stay over after the movie, (if space allows) for an extra special evening.  For the movie, make a giant batch of homemade popcorn, and don't forget the drinks! This is what summer nights should be made of.

Friday, June 24, 2011

It Is Good To Daydream

I believe everyone is at some degree, a daydreamer.  This is not a bad thing.  It is nice to let your mind wander, it's okay to let your thoughts drift. It is a form of relaxation, people do not always need to be alert and focused.  Daydreaming is adventurous and fun; it can take you to far off places, and can cause you to stir up interesting new scenarios.  Daydreaming is when a person's imagination is at work.  As children grow into adults, I feel as if the imagination weakens, but for true daydreamers, the imagination is allowed to run wild still, even into adulthood. I think daydreaming is good, after all, everyone needs a break from reality sometimes.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Coziest of Apples

This is one of the most creative, and sweetest ideas I have come across in a while, and definitely worth mentioning! An apple cozy. How adorable, and if you ask me, a must have.  Apples are a staple in my diet, in fact, I eat an apple almost everyday.

If you're like me, it feels like you are always running about.  A lot of the time (unfortunately) I'm out of the house, but before I leave I often grab a snack for my outing.  This cute craft idea will keep my apples protected on the go.  My snack will be safe in my bag, ready to munch when I need it! Apple cozies would be great for so many things: they could be given as a gift, used in a child's lunch box, or simply used by busy people on the run, like me. This idea really made me smile.  Who would have thought, apple cozies... how divine!       

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Light The Way

I love the glass jars that hang from wire handles, that house softly scented candles.  When these candles are aglow, the flickering light that burns at the end of the candle's lit wick, playfully reminds me of a firefly that has been snatched up, and collected in a jar. The firefly would dance about the jar, in the same way the flame does about the wick. I love light, especially when the warm nights are stained blackish-blue, and dots of illumination can be seen crisply in the darkness.  That being said, one of my favorite sights is a tree decorated in lights. I don't think, however, that lights suspended from trees should be just for the holidays. There are many different types of hanging lights that can be enjoyed year around.

One type you can even make yourself, they are merely candle holders that are made with mason jars.  In the mason jar you poor sand (about 1/4 of the way up the jar). Then place a small tea candle in the middle of the jar, submerging it a little in the sand. Add a handle if needed, then light the candle, and your holder is complete. ( Always remember to be cautious with fire if attempting this!)  Another version of pretty lights that can be appreciated all year, are lights like round, clear globe lights, or mini hanging lanterns, or fun shaped lights like dragonflies, or ladybugs, and there are also plain string lights, like white Christmas lights.

During the late hours of  summer time, the trees that sparkle with pin points of light, are among the most beautiful, and most pleasant to gaze at. Why not make your trees sparkle?  Hanging type lights are fairly inexpensive to buy and make, so why not give the trees on your property a glowing touch this season!

Friday, June 17, 2011

On A Golden Afternoon

It is the middle of June here in beautiful Oregon, and wildflowers are popping up everywhere!  As I sit outside enjoying a tall, chilled glass of iced tea, the sun is shining a toasted yellow light, which is glinting off of any reflective surface it touches. The air smells of freshly mowed grass, and dandelion wishes are floating through the air, riding a gentle breeze.  It is a lovely day for a walk I'd say, and perhaps along the way I will pick some of the wildflowers, and bring home a bouquet for the table.

It has been such a long time since I picked wildflowers, too long.  It is a simple joy in life, strolling through fields, and along paths, gathering together as many pretty flowers as one can see.  Taking in the fresh air, and listening to the sounds of nature isn't bad either.  There is nothing like collecting flowers, it is so peaceful, especially on a golden afternoon. So when was the last time you picked wildflowers?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Movie Magic

Movie nights should be more special.  I feel like for many people, movie watching has become mundane, the norm, the usual.  Movie nights should be something to get excited over.  Movie time should be shared with the ones you love, and that time is something to be cherished.

To make movie nights less drab, and more fab, (pardon the lingo :D ) I have come up with a few suggestions.
  • First, start by watching less T.V. and find other things to do with your time. This makes it so the act of actually watching a television becomes more of a rarity, and more of a special occasion. 
  • When you do pick a movie, make sure it is one that you have been dying to see.  
  • Set the mood for a good time, set out individual blankets and squashy pillows, take into account the room lighting, and remember the snacks!  
  • The snacks don't have to be the traditional movie treats either, you can also put together a healthier variety.  Like dried fruit, or frozen fruit, or raw nuts, carrot sticks, sugar snap peas, or make smoothies. Frozen peaches, non-fat Greek yogurt, milk, ice and honey, blended together, makes for a great smoothie!   Make homemade popcorn, not from a bag, not in an air popper (air popping is fine, but it doesn't feel very special to me when I make it.), make it on the stove, in a pot, with real oil (I like mine with olive oil!), high quality kernels, and salt of course!  It is a much more natural way to make popcorn anyway (opposed to the store bought bagged popcorn), and it tastes incredible.  I also like making kettle corn on the stove, I just heat brown, or regular sugar with the oil and dissolve; I then add the salt, and kernels. There are many ways to make homemade popcorn, just find the way that's right for you.

I feel the same way about T.V. shows as I do with movies.  I think that they have become too common; but when a person and a group of their friends, or their family, can find a show that they all love, it can turn into something really fun.  A tradition of sorts.  It becomes a special event, and makes life a bit more exciting.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

For The Love Of Paint

I am not an artist by any means, but there is something so relaxing, and freeing about painting.  Picking up a paint brush and bringing life to a blank canvas is joyous.   Someday, when I have extra room in my home, I will dedicate an entire room to art.  It will be equipped with painting supplies, colored pencils, crayons, markers, butcher paper, work tables and benches, clay, sketching supplies, craft supplies like: yarn, ribbon, buttons, hot glue guns, scissors, rulers, tape, and more; basically the works.  Idealistically the room would be a sun-room of sorts, with large windows throughout most of the space.  Art is an incredible stress reliever for me, and it makes me feel more accomplished as well.  I encourage everyone, if you haven't created a bit of art lately, to do so!  Find a craft and start creating, you will be glad you did!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Down Memory Lane, We Stopped For a Cup of Tea

Most of my inspirations for this blog, come from some of my favorite childhood memories.  Thinking back to  when I was very young, we lived in a tiny country town, I remember the old dusty roads, the green colored lake, the weeds and long grass that always plagued our front yard.  Our house was a tiny two bedroom hubble, that was covered in chipping blue paint.  We had a giant walnut tree in our back yard, and a wood stove in our living room; and during the harvest season my Mom would toast spiced pumpkin seeds on top of that wood stove.

I can remember when I was about five or six years old; I was sitting on our old, rickety, front porch with my Mom.  In the memory, it must have been a nice, spring day, because we were sitting outside, and it must of not been too hot either.  She was reading a novel to me, one that we had be working on for some time.  It had to do with a girl transforming into a bird.  The book looked weathered and old like the rest of our surroundings.  My mother held the book in one hand, and a delicate, blue embroidered china tea cup, in the other.  I was holding one as well.  I can remember the flavor too, blackberry.  I was sitting, listening, sipping, and happy.

My favorite kind of tea is berry, it can be raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, marionberry, boysenberry,  strawberry, even loganberry.  Vanilla, mango, citrus, and classic breakfast teas are yummy as well.  My better half thinks mint is the best flavor (there is no accounting for taste there, if you ask me!)  

Tea is a wonderful thing, but tea parties are even better.  They are a great way to just relax, and a good place to gather for conversation. They can be mismatched, themed, English, and whatever else you can dream up. Tea parties can be small and causal, with only tea, and maybe a cookie or two; or large, and dressy, with eats like: an assortment of little cakes, creams, jams, berry scones, fruit tartlets, crumpets with honey, samples of creamy soups, cucumber sandwiches, cured meats, cheeses, and of course the tea.  Tea Parties can be such an exciting event, and with summer here, why not have one outside!  Whether your party is big or small, or anything in between, it will be sure to make all invited, very glad indeed.