Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Fun In the Setting Sun

As the days grow warmer, the nights do to.  More and more people gather outside to enjoy the nice weather.  Why not celebrate the season and have a backyard get together? This idea is a combination of several of my past posts: I hope I can inspire you to have a movie night in the backyard!  This would be especially great if you have a blissful backyard full of beautiful decoration, to host the movie night in.  Hanging lights would be perfect for this as well.  Make sure there is plenty of comfortable seating, and a stack of blankets wouldn't hurt.   Serving hot dogs, perhaps having a hot dog bar, with all the condiments, and sides would be perfect too.  Invite everyone to bring there own camping gear and stay over after the movie, (if space allows) for an extra special evening.  For the movie, make a giant batch of homemade popcorn, and don't forget the drinks! This is what summer nights should be made of.


  1. I don't know how I scrolled over this last time! I used to do this with my friends all the time. We would set up tents and hang out. Watch movies and play games. That picture makes me sad though. It looks more like a romantic get together than a friendly one and I've never thought of it D:

  2. True it does look a bit romantic, it just looks more pretty than anything to me... but wait, what wrong with a little romance?! A romantic setting can be a very good thing! :D