Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Down By The Seashore

I realized this weekend that I don't go to the beach near enough.  I live about an hour away from the closest beach, and that is way too close to not to go relatively often.  The coast is beautiful, and for the most part free (unless you have to pay for parking, and of course the money for gas, food etc.)

When I go to the beach I make a habit to do a couple of specific, very fun things:
1. Play in the sand and water, of course!
2. Remember the yummy snacks, lunch supplies, and water. 
3. Go to a very "beachy" themed restaurant for dinner.
4. Visit as many candy/ice cream/fudge/gift shops as possible!
5. Try to save some saltwater taffy for the road, and if I try really hard, for the next couple of days too :)

Beach trips are a great way to spice up the summer.  They can be a good way for any family to bond and have a fun time together.  They are definitely something to look forward to!  I think going to the coast is a blast, and if you live somewhat close, or even a far away, why not plan a beach day for your family soon?

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