Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Morning Ride

I have had summer on the brain a lot lately.  The upcoming season is well on its way (despite all the rain), and I am very much ready to see the sun again!  I live in a town that is covered with biking trails, and this summer I plan to make good use of them.  One idea is to take a trail, whether walking or biking, in the early morning.  Pack a take-along breakfast, and picnic somewhere along the trail; perhaps at a park, if that is where the trail leads.  Whenever I think of picnics I think of lunch time, but why not breakfast? What an amazing way to start the day, the fresh, early air, the calming sounds of nature, the birds chirping, the soft breeze, just beautiful.  Take Bananas, blueberries, maybe some yogurt and homemade granola, yum, it would make for easy packing as well.  The exercise doesn't hurt much either; to get your juices flowing bright and early is a good habit.  Take a ride with someone you love, get a good start to the day, and remember to stay hydrated!  To greet the day with something to look forward to is the best, it is one of the little things.

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