Monday, July 11, 2011

Painted Animal Stones; Also Known As Pet Rocks!

Don't you just love pet rocks? They don't need to be fed, or watered, and they don't require any attention! Also, what a great way to spend an afternoon; first rock hunting for the best stones, then conjuring up ideas of what to make, and lastly actually creating your new friend, with paint, feathers, googly eyes, or whatever else you might have on hand!
I saw this crafty craft when watching Martha Stewart on demand!  It brought back a few, very fond memories of when I was a little girl.  One summer at day camp, I painted a rock to look like a lady bug, and I kept it for years.  I loved that rock like it was alive, I would carry it around like a real pet, and I was very proud of it :)  When I got a bit older I used it as a small paper weight on my desk.

I love the simple pet rocks, but I also love the more complex ones as well! Some of these pet rocks require a bit more work, and more than just a paint brush and paint, to create.  Some projects need glue, and/or other craft supplies like clay, to hold the rocks in place while the glue dries.

The single stone rock pets are perfect for younger children, so fun, and they make for a quick and easy project too. This craft can turn into something to truly take pride in! This can be especially said for the little ones.  You can even make paper habitats, or other props for the pets to live, and play in! Today, so many children's toys are too complicated, the simplicity of this craft is very attractive to me.

As for the more advanced pet rocks, they are so adorable! I feel they are more sophisticated than the simpler rock pets, and can be used as prominent decoration for around the house.  From the above shown doggie door stop, to the bunny bookend, these rock pets make for amusing, charming decor.  These oh-so-cute rock friends are a wonderful way to make your home, and mine, a more inviting, and welcoming place to be.

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