Friday, July 15, 2011

Once Upon A Time There Was A Book Worm...

Everyone should read.  Whether the bulk of the reading material is small or large, it matters not.  Books help us grow, learn, and can keep us sharp. 

When I was younger I loved reading.  There was something very invigorating to me about getting a new book.  When I would chose a book, it was usually a fantasy story of some sort.  Those tales seemed to be able to lift me up, and take me to another world.

When I entered high school, and went on to college I lost most of my love for reading.  On a regular basis, I was assigned books that I had no interest in, and life left little spare time for reading enjoyable novels.

I am still trying to regain my past love for the simple joy of reading.  I wish to recapture the relaxation I felt when soaking in a book, resting in between the branches of our backyard apple tree, surrounded by blossoms and the occasional bee.

I believe reading is good for the mind and soul, it is satisfying and pleasant to do so as well.  I also feel getting children to love reading early, and to help them stay faithful to books as they grow up, is very important, and will effect their character as they develop into adults.

People need interesting, well written books, and for myself this particularly true.  As I find these good books, my relationship with them slowly rekindles, and surely this relationship will soon transform into the great love I used to know.  If you haven't enjoyed a book for a while, find a book that sparks a love for reading in you, in the end, you will be happy you did.


  1. I followed this exactly the same way. When I was in 4th grade, I read every book in our small library. Once I entered middle school, I was still reading constantly. It was a Catholic school, so free time was great for reading. High school is when it came to a complete stop. I read only the books they gave me, and sometimes I would skip them, too. I believe reading gives you vocabulary, and that's something this day in age is lacking. I'm in college now, and I'm slowly starting to read more and more.

  2. That is wonderful that you are starting to read again too! I also completely agree with you on the vocabulary bit. It is really disconcerting how more and more language is dying out as the years pass.