Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Good Toys

For Boats: Halved Walnut shells, dot of hot glue or wax, flat toothpicks, fabric (cut out to make a flag.)

Toys do not have to be fancy.  In my experience, the simple toys are usually the most fun.  They promote the use of one's own imagination.  Moreover, homemade toys (especially those that the children help make) mean more to them as time passes. Artificially colored, technology infused, electronic noise making toys, simply do not appeal to me.  What is appealing, are toys made from the heart.

I have a hand sewn bunny-rabbit that wears a red and white lace dress, with matching bloomers. A long time family friend poured her heart and soul into making it for me. She stitched the entire outfit, and animal just for me.  Although I did not help make it, that homemade bunny-rabbit is one of my most cherished possessions.

We should be aware that the "latest and greatest" gadget consumed toys are not the best.  They are often overly expensive, and not worth the money.   When children make toys that they can keep and use; it results in proud memories that can last a lifetime. Toys adorned with love and warmth, are a wonderful alternative to plastic toys that come out of a cold, factory-made box.        

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