Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Soup's On!

Most of the happy memories I can recall from growing up, took place either during my wild animal days where I practically lived outside, or when I was in a kitchen.

My parents owned several restaurants all through my adolescence, and if I wasn't romping around outside, I was a poised spectator in their restaurant. 

There was no fooling around once I was inside, it was a business after all.  I remember watching food being flipped through the air and caught again; returning gracefully to its frying pan.  I remember the flambe, the flames that shot high in the air were spectacular.  I remember the chefs doing all of their cooking (even their tricks) with calmly stern faces, and how, unlike them, I couldn't help but to smile at the show.

Creamy Chicken Vegetable Soup for a chilly January night (recipe to come...)

What I did not smile about was the giant pile of dishes I had to wash while they created these masterpieces.  I washed and washed and washed, sometimes into the night. 

Although I was never formally taught how to cook, I picked up a lot about food, and the relationships between them, from my countless days of watching and listening in the restaurant.

I still unhappily wash dishes, but I now get to make masterpieces of my own too...and I cook with a smile on my face.    

~ An Afterthought ~
My dad is the best soup maker there is, but being his daughter my soup is pretty darn delicious too :)  The recipe for my Creamy Chicken Vegetable Soup is to come, stay tuned.

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  1. I can't wait for the recipe.. That looks so delicious :)