Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Simple Life Still Needs Vacation

My young life has been filled with roller coaster like events.  Many twists and turns, and ups and downs.  For some, a life full of turbulent rides might sound exciting and fun, but I prefer my roller coasters rides to take place exclusively in theme parks.  For as long as I can remember, I have just wanted my life to be a quiet silver ship sailing across clam, cool waters.

As I become steadily older, my life has increasingly become more and more stable.  My relationships have become more concrete, I have become more financially sound, and my education plans are almost complete. 

My successes continued when two days ago, my new fiance slipped a beautiful diamond ring on my finger.  We are now being swept up in a whirlwind of wedding and (most importantly) honeymoon possibilities.

Growing up poor was hard, we didn't really go on family vacations.  I never thought I would be planning such an exciting trip for my 'soon-to-be' little family.  Because I have always wanted a "normal" life, I consider going on vacation a staple in the American way of living.  That being said, I also feel many go overboard with vacation, spend too much, and become greedy.  Vacations can be experienced in moderation with a small budget, and still be amazing.

There are always ways to save on the grandest of trips.  Take cruises for example:

  • Book through a discount website
  • Travel during off season
  • Stay in a small inside room instead of one with a veranda (You can get a view all day by going to various decks)
  • Choose to do zero, one, or two excursions, you can always just go exploring!
  • Don't drink on your cruise, alcohol is not needed for an excellent time.
  •  Save the food from the ship (it's usually included in sailing fair) for the port days.  Just pack it away, and take it with you.
  • Give people post cards as souvenirs, or a refrigerator magnet and a picture of you on your trip.  You will save a ton if you can go easy with the trinkets you are bound to find. 
  • And for yourself find a few meaningful souvenirs, not everything in the gift shop
There are many more things you can do to save, you just have to brainstorm, and research your options.  I love vacations and can't wait for my honeymoon, but I will be looking for ways to save until we leave for our much needed get away.

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